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VMware Tools 3.1 is a tools package for VMWare Workstation
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VMware Tools 3.1 is a tools package for VMWare Workstation. It greatly enhances the virtual machine experience by improving many aspects of its functionality. WMware Tools 3.1 comes already integrated with VMware Workstation, the user only has to install the package by going to VM and then Install VMware Tools. To begin with, it does without the annoying issue of having to click inside the virtual machine to gain operation of it and to have to release the cursor by hitting alt + ctrl on your keyboard. Once this tool package is installed, the user only has to click anywhere on the VM to start using it and can go back to the native operating system seamlessly. VMware Tools 3.1 also improves the graphics emulation on the Virtual Machine, increasing color depth up to 32 bits and the resolution to almost your video card's maximum. With the great tools package installed, one can easily transfer files back and forth from the native OS by simply dragging and dropping. VMware Tools will also make sure that both the native OS and the VM's clocks are in synch, which really saves some useful time.

José Fernández
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  • It betters the vmware experience greatly
  • It comes with VMware Workstation


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